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Unlock Your Full Writing Potential with this
One-on-One Creative Writing Course

Master writing techniques for crafting novels, shorts stories and magazine articles

By the time you’ve finished you’ll know what’s required to publish short stories and magazine articles. You’ll even understand why Hollywood’s films are as successful as they are, because of that all-important story structure, which will greatly assist in the composition of your novel or screenplay. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, it’s the STORY that is all-important.

And, that’s only the beginning. Among many other things, we’ll be looking at:

Learning which kind of writer, you are. You could discover a whole new you – many students do so.
Plot and how it differs from Story.
Characterisation: The good, the bad and the Cardboard Cut-outs.
Why characters’ names matter.

To cover everything you need to agree to work hard. I will work just as hard to help you. However, I promise you, it will be a lot of fun too.

Your Swag Bag

Personalised Feedback

Many new and sometimes, even experienced writers, overlook or are unaware of a number of aspects in creating a narrative. I go over absolutely everything in your assignments with a fine toothcomb for you, with detailed feedback.
Course Content

Judy’s Writing Course allows you to understand, step-by-step, where you are travelling on your writing journey. Each lesson flows into the next with some surprises along the way. Having been involved in many avenues of writing, including scriptwriting, I will have you exploring writing in different ways.
Individual Focus

The STORY itself is what matters. A magazine or publishing house will inform you of their style and other requirements. If you are rejected, swallow it – it’s part of life. It’s not necessarily a reflection of your skill as a writer. You will learn about the different seasons in writing.
Flexibility is the Key

We work on a one-on-one basis so how you approach the course to completion is up to you. If you prefer to work on one lesson a week or one a month, or a different way altogether is your choice — as long as you complete everything within 12 months. So relax – at last there’s a course that considers YOU and your lifestyle.

Launch Your Writing Career

Learn the skills you need to begin your writing journey
and earn extra income

Just think. In no time at all you could be on the first rung of the ladder to being published and earning additional income. I hope to welcome you aboard Judy’s Online Writing Course.

The course is run entirely via e-mail, to allow for times when you might be very busy or be out of town. Whether you return an assignment within one week or three is your decision. I’d rather you took your time and produced your best work.

Overview of the Course

Start whenever you’re ready. Applications are open all year.


Price inclusive of VAT.


Each lesson has +-14 pages of valuable notes.


Up to you – work at your own pace.



12 Months


There is no set date. You and I work on a one-on-one basis.


A reasonable grasp of the English language. (E.g. Do not feel intimidated by not having a degree.) I’ll let you in on a secret. Some of my best students have been housewives and some who were not so good have been university lecturers. It seems housewives sometimes have better stories — so take heart.

Writing is not a romantic profession, it’s hard work but the satisfaction of seeing your name in print makes it all worthwhile.

Your Course Tutor

Judy Barnes

I love variety so as well as being a freelance writer for magazines, my diverse interests led me to write feature articles on subjects ranging from Female Firefighters and African Traditional Healing versus Western Medicine to executive management profiles and consumer durables such as Nestlé, Kelloggs, Vodacom, MTN, as well as the safety of breast implants and the future of South Africa’s youth in filmmaking.

I became a scriptwriter writing documentaries for television, wildlife programs for radio, and corporate videos for giants such as Siemens, First National Bank, BAC (Business Against Crime), and Anglo American among others. I have attended lectures with some of the biggest names in scriptwriting such as Alby James (UK), Humphrey Barclay (UK), John Cundill (Australia – formerly RSA), Linda Aronson, and Linda Seger (USA).
Having had a background in theatre in Australia, it was perhaps a natural progression for me to write play scripts for Children’s and Industrial Theatre in South Africa.

I also served as a cross-media writer for the South African Big Brother 1 and 2, where the ability to report speedily was crucial.

Course Content

Learning which kind of writer you are.

How to mine stories when your mind is a blank.

Writing ‘short’ and writing ‘long’.

How painting pictures and listening to symphonies has everything to do with writing. Huh? It’s true.

Plot and how it differs from Story.

Characterisation: The good, the bad and the Cardboard Cut-outs.

How ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ can make your story come alive.

Why characters’ names matter.

When dialogue is superior to exposition.

Why Hollywood movie scripts are written and rewritten, on average, 30 times; and what you can learn from them for writing your novel.

That vital ‘Back Story’ and that equally vital story structure.

What does a Features’ Editor mean when he/she asks you what your ‘angle’ or your ‘hook’ is?

A magazine’s style and why you’d be wise to check it out BEFORE you write for them.

You mean I must count the words? The reality of being professional in your work.

Why writing your masterpiece before speaking to a publisher is a dumb move.

Writer’s Block and how to defog your brain.

The correct way to present a manuscript for publication.

Deadlines / Kill fees / Competitions.

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