The Storyteller Heading

Just Knock on the Tree

The Odyssey of the Coddiwompling Tortoise – Rozinante – and The Storyteller

(Coddiwomple: to travel in a purposeful manner toward a vague destination.)

A watery Eye and a very historical Mission

A dear friend recommended visiting this town for one reason but I discovered far more than I bargained for, in the end.

A famous man. Image Judy Barnes.

Rock art along the way to Kuruman. Image Judy Barnes.

Robert Moffat — Scottish missionary and bible translator. Image Judy Barnes.

This is a give-away clue to the famous person. Image Judy Barnes.

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Hi, I’m Judy

My maiden name was Hawkins and perhaps that explains why I love travelling. Sir John Hawkins, who sailed for Queen Elizabeth I, was supposed to be related to me. Possibly, that may only be a fanciful notion on the part of my late father and in any case, I can’t be overly proud of the fact. Hawkins was responsible for discovering the use of tobacco by the Native Americans, returning to England with it and the process of smoking in 1565. Not to mention the dreadful fact that he was also a slave trader.

Perhaps none of us knows a lot about our ancestors. I grew up in the days when a person’s personal business was just that – personal. I like it that way but in this Blog you can peek around the edges of my life. I am a non-smoker and only raise a glass of champagne on special occasions. Otherwise … well, I’d like to think you’ll find me interesting.

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  1. Sheryl Bradfield

    David Livingston?!
    I enjoyed reading of your escapades, Judy.



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