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Author, freelance writer and scriptwriter for television, radio wildlife programmes and corporate videos.

Deep Talk
– Death does not exist

Deep Talk traces the spiritual journey of a woman after her 16-year-old son tries to commit suicide.

About Judy

Australian born, Judy worked in sales and was a freelance writer for more than two decades for magazines, with photography, as well as scriptwriting for business, radio and television. She has turned her back on the trappings of suburbia or as Zorba once called it, “the whole catastrophe” and is now travelling RSA in a campervan, writing her memoirs and children’s books, teaching her writing course and making additional friends – not to mention having new adventures.

Contact Judy

083 666-3820

So you want to be a writer? Why?

Send Judy the opening paragraph of a story you’d love to tell and she will give you a free critique on what you submit.
Will it make her want to read more? That all-important opening paragraph either keeps a reader reading or it doesn’t. Will yours do that?
Her writing course could put you on the right track – if you are serious about being a writer.
It’s up to you. The ball is in your court.
I look forward to reading your work.

Writing Course

If you’ve ever said, ‘I’d love to write, but I don’t know how to begin,’ then this is the course for you. In Judy’s Online Writing Course you will be doing a lot of writing and you will be receiving detailed, constructive feedback.

Writers 2000

Writers 2000 is Judy’s writing group. If you live in Johannesburg you may want to join as well. Writing can be a lonely profession / pastime and regularly rubbing shoulders with other writers is always a good idea.


Judy Barnes has written her first book, Deep Talk, and has started on a second book and is interested in having your input. If you have had a spiritual experience of any kind, you may be lucky enough to have it published!

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